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Monoliths Pointing the way in Newbury

Started by Administrator, November 25, 2013, 12:34:49 am

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Monoliths Pointing the way in Newbury

NEWBURY will soon have its history and development charted on nine 2.5m high, aluminium and brushed stainless steel monoliths. The monoliths have already been erected and will be unveiled over the next few days.

Visitors to the town will be treated to the outdoor history lessons. The columns are placed in strategic points around the town centre.

Their installation forms part of the wider Wayfinding Project, which is being undertaken by the Newbury Business Improvement District (BID).

Managing director of the BID, Russell Downing, said the scheme was in response to a key point raised in the BID's initial consultation.

"Individuals clearly stated that they didn't think there was any real welcome into the town and that is something we wanted to address immediately and in some style," he added.

"The monoliths, which are all personalised to Newbury, have been installed across the town in time for the start of Christmas shopping evenings on Thursday 28th November"

They will also point the way to some of the main focal points in Newbury, including the railway station, shopping centre and the Corn Exchange.

The nine stainless steel towers feature captivating snippets on a host of local points of interest, from the historic Highclere Castle and its TV persona, Downton Abbey, to the transportation hubs of the river, canal and A4 at the heart of the town.

Newbury's cultural heritage is also celebrated, with monoliths charting the history of the Newbury coat and the Corn Exchange, as well as the racecourse and Victoria Park.

The second phase of the scheme, which is funded by a private/public partnership, will see 15 new fingerposts also put up around the town during 2014.

Road closures will be in place for the special Thursday shopping evenings, ensuring the pedestrianised areas remain car free.

There will also be free parking after 5pm (Thursdays only) in the council-run car parks, as well as those run by Camp Hopson and Parkway.

In response to feedback from the retailers, the Christmas lights were switched on two weeks earlier this year, on Saturday, November 16th. The annual Christmas parade and official lighting of the tree will take place on Saturday, November 30th.

Newbury is also set to rival towns, such as Bath and Winchester, when its first Christmas Market opens on November 30th, in Victoria Park.