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Operation Resilience - A339 Newbury Road, Kingsclere

Started by Administrator, March 12, 2014, 10:00:49 am

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Operation Resilience - A339 Newbury Road, Kingsclere

Operation Resilience we will be undertaking carriageway resurfacing works in two phases on the A339 Newbury Road in Kingsclere and Headley.

The works are programmed to start on Thursday 13 March 2014 and are expected to last for up to 16 nights (Monday to Friday), during which time the road will be closed to through traffic from approximately 20:00 to 06:00hrs. The road will be open during the day and weekends, but will have a temporary 30mph speed limit in force as there could be temporary works left in place.

A339 Newbury Road will be closed in 2 separate phases:

Phase 1 Closure:between the roundabout with Union Lane at Kingsclere and Stantons Farm from Thursday 13 March to Tuesday 25 March 2014

Phase 2 Closure:between Strattons Farm and Galley Lane at Headley Wednesday 26 March to Thursday 3 April 2014

In order to undertake the works safely it will be necessary to close the road and a signed diversion via A34/A303/A30 for the overnight closures.


Most horrendous journey to Kingsclere yesterday evening (Friday). Went via Ecchinswell because of the overnight closure and it was just like being in a Formula One race (not that I have ever been in one). Some of the most inconsiderate drivers on the road on that route last night.

4 X 4 drivers who just won't slow down and will quite happily force you off the road.

Most vehicles were doing at least 60mph even on dangerous bends.

Nobody was dipping their lights and most had their fog lights on.

It must be an absolute nightmare for the residents of Ecchinswell.

Old Goat

It's an odd name for a resurfacing project which doesn't bode well for the future.  With the growth in the Newbury area, there is now an overwhelming need for an adequate route to Basingstoke.  Surely, rather than simply patching and making good, wholesale redevelopment is long overdue?