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St. Nicholas Junior School 1948

Started by eddieS, January 04, 2014, 06:28:39 pm

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Hi again

Here's the follow up. My guess as to the young students is:

Back row: Miss Wadey (teacher), Jennifer Davis, Margaret Tuck, X , Pat Medland, X , Sally Turner, June Osborne(?), X , Kathy Grove, Janet Pocock, Maureen Headlong, Janet Stevens(?); Margaret Wooldridge.
Middle Row 1 Standing: Beryl Booker, Judith ?, Barry King, Eddie Sammons, Jeremy Abbott, Richard Dale, Jeremy Hill, John Goldstone, John January, Mike Smith, Reg Forsythe, John Walters, Bobby Warwick, Mary Bull, X .
Middle Row Seated: X , Janet Stevens(?), Rosemary Burrows, X ,Helen Turk, Yvonne Clark, Jill ? , Josephine Lewis, X.
Front row: Henry Williams, Malcolm Legg, Brian Pye, Jo Lawrenson, Frank Hopkins.

Does anyone know what happened to Miss Wadey (have I spelt her name correctly??)

Any help in filling in the blanks appreciated. I stand to be corrected, of course, though I am pretty sure on most of the boys. I followed through to Grammar school with some of them.

Thanks again