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Rogue telephone calls from India

Started by BrianB, March 19, 2014, 03:17:51 pm

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So many rogue telephone calls purporting to come from Microsoft and now they are pretending to be British Telecom saying there is a problem with my Broadband service and they need remote access to fix it.

There are many pensioners being conned by these calls and paying large sums of money for these rogues to sort out non existent problems.


I have just had a telephone call from India telling me I have problems with my Internet Connection and it will be disconnected.
I am not an aggressive man but I told him he was a laying bastard.    He hung up straight away.


Couldn't you have egged him on a bit. ;D


You are right....  I kicked myself as I would have enjoyed that.   Next time if I have the time. ::)

Old Goat

Answering back is great fun, you can really get them wound up.  I love the ones where they've obviously got your address, so I generally tell them that their records are wrong and that the number they'd called was a government safe house in Leeds, so whoever had supplied the list was in serious trouble.