Author Topic: Newbury - Marchants Garages under construction in the 1950's  (Read 6638 times)


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Newbury - Marchants Garages under construction in the 1950's
« on: March 20, 2014, 01:16:52 pm »
Newbury - Marchants Garages under construction in the 1950's

Marchants Garages used to be on the corner of what was then Greenham Road and Queens Road. (Where Burger King is today). Our picture shows their new showroom which was constructed in two halves.

The first half is shown in our photograph the second half was constructed once the 2 houses on the left hand side of the picture had been demolished.

Marchants held the franchise for Vauxhall and Bedford vehicles in Newbury.

If you look very carefully in this picture below taken in 1972 you can see the join in the roof.

Marchants Garages in 1972. This photograph was taken before the Burger King (formerly Gowrings) Roundabout and the Sandleford Link.

The Ring Road (A34 in those days) swept round into St John’s Road and on to the St John’s Roundabout where the Ring Road terminated. The A34 then continued on its original (50’s route) up the Newtown Hill, past the Rokeby (now demolished) and what was then the infamous Camp Close.

Marchants was a Vauxhall Garage. Our picture shows the main frontage which was the showroom for new cars and the parts department, with the filling station at the front. The workshops were in the buildings at the rear (shown on the left of the picture)

The pub was the Adam and Eve and was demolished in 1976 to make way for the new roundabout.

Queens Road ran to the left of the Adam and Eve and Greenham Road went off to the right (in those days 2 separate roads at this junction).

For car enthusiasts, the front car is a Ford Cortina (possibly a Corsair) and the second car is a Triumph 2000.