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A new website for West Berkshire Council

Started by Administrator, May 21, 2014, 11:28:11 am

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A new website for West Berkshire Council

'Do it online'! That's the message from West Berkshire Council with the launch of their new website

The address is the same www.westberks.gov.uk but much else has changed - for the better.

On the homepage are the top 16 tasks that residents ask for most, making easy to deal with council business any day of the week, any time of day.  Other pages feature other tasks which are likewise easy to follow, plus succinct, plain English information on a whole range of  services.

A year in the making - by the council's own web staff - the style of the new website aligns with other leading local government and government sites where simplicity and ease of access are firmly at the top of the design agenda.  Not so much bells, whistles and pretty pictures, but more quick to find and easy to do which is exactly what's needed. 

So whether it's renewing a library loan, checking your bin day, finding a planning application, applying for a licence, seeing school term dates, reporting a pothole, contacting councillors, reading latest council news, or finding information on anything the council provides, www.westberks.gov.uk is the place to do it.