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Those now living overseas

Started by aussie_redback, July 27, 2014, 01:22:00 pm

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Hi everyone,
I grew up in Thatcham and worked in Newbury and went to Australia in 1966, and by chance today came across your site, may I suggest that you consider the questions you ask for registration, I found 3 of them hard to answer for the names had changed over the years, I know with patience one can search and find them, which defeats the purpose don't you think. My reason, in sharing this, is a positive one, make it easier to register and like me there will be many that came from the area that now live overseas that have old pictures etc that I'm sure will be handy for others doing a history of the area etc.
From a x butcher of David Grieg's when it first opened god showing my age and just in case June B and Rosemary reads this who worked there at that time, "miss you xxx"
Derek M

Number 6

As no one else has replied yet I will say welcome to the forum and hope you enjoy posting here. David Grieg is definitely a name from my youth so no chance that I remember anything but the name of the store, but my mother used to shop there so I will ask if she knew a June or Rosemary who worked there back in the day. I hope life has been good to you down under and look forward to any pictures of old Newbury you can post. :)
Be seeing you ;-)


I must admit if you came back to Thatcham now you would not recognise Newbury at all. Even we don't and still live local. Parking problems , plus the cost of doing so put a lot of people off.  It is nowhere near the lovely small town it used to be.


Parking problems?  It's incredibly easy to park in Newbury. I can see the cost putting some off, but its easy enough to find somewhere to park.