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Newbury Christmas Market 2014 - St Nicolas Christmas Market

Started by Administrator, September 08, 2014, 02:39:11 pm

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Newbury Christmas Market 2014 - St Nicolas Christmas Market

Santa Claus is coming to town! And this Christmas Newbury will make the most of its link to St Nicholas by holding the Christmas Market in and around our own St Nicolas church in the heart of the town.

This year's festivities and stalls will be focused along Nicholas Wharf/West Mills, with more stalls in the church grounds and others running just outside the church in Bartholomew Street. The church itself will be decorated and backlit as dusk falls to create a fantastic focal point, giving the town a further link to the true meaning of Christmas.

The change of venue has come about following consultation regarding Newbury's first Christmas Market last year. With 2013 being the first time this event had run, it gave us the opportunity to reflect and learn, so that 2014 can be even better. In the main, feedback from businesses and the public was really positive, but it was generally agreed that the location was not quite right. So we have listened to everyone's views and this year the location of the Christmas Market means it will be much more central and easily accessible.

The change of location will also bring footfall into the town centre itself, and we hope all retailers will get on board and make the most of the opportunities this offers.

If the venue proves popular, St Nicks is likely to become the permanent home for Newbury's Christmas Market.

Newbury's Christmas Market 2014 opens on Thursday 11 December and runs until Sunday 21 December.

Old Goat

Oh well, I suppose they tried!  Sad it didn't work because the site is good one and well worth exploiting. Presumably the really professional operators are at full stretch in more established towns, so perhaps it's time to try something different.