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Newbury - Current views on the pedestrianised area of Northbrook Street

Started by Administrator, January 26, 2015, 04:31:27 pm

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Newbury - Current views on the pedestrianised area of Northbrook Street

This is a discussion currently taking place on a Facebook page for Newbury. (They pinch our photographs, why shouldn't we pinch their text)

Certainly some of the views expressed should stimulate discussion amongst our loyal members.

Isn't it about time the council considered re-opening Northbrook St to traffic, even if it's only one way.

This would support local traders and local traffic can get from one part of the town to another without queuing on the A339. We have ample parking along the sides of Northbrook Street for say half an hour and let's be honest do we really need to have a pedestrian zone.
How about one way in Northbrook St and one way over the Park Way canal bridge ?

Bring it on. Very good idea.

Great idea! But they would find a excuse not to do it , might bring the town back to life again .

Totally agree. I find it so much quicker when going through town as A339 is constantly blocked.
I've been saying exactly the same thing for years. Park down Northbrook Street like you always used to. Scrap pedestrian zone and reintroduce zebra crossing. Can't see any problems. Also agree with opening the Wharf bridge both ways.

Noooooo please don't change it. Love the main street being a pedestrian zone. However the Park Way bridge is another issue altogether

Yes ,traffic was always flowing well in the 1960s and 70s and two ways

I'm for keeping cars and people totally separate, so for me (as a visually impaired person) the current arrangement is great. I agree, however, that the overall traffic flow round Newbury is dire, but let's face it, traffic through the town eased when the bypass opened but now probably exceeds the original levels. I can't see how allowing cars along Northbrook Street, even one-way, with parking for a few dozen of them, will improve town centre trade. Surely what's really needed is a total rethink of traffic in and around Newbury: how about removing the A339 flyover and redesigning the Robin Hood roundabout, and some of the others too. A grand scheme that would help all road users, public transport and pedestrians and cyclists. And what happened to the suggested link road between Sainsbury's and the Racecourse?

It is this town's biggest problem, they are hell bent on stopping or slowing traffic and not letting it flow, boundary road bridge should be 2 way, parkway bridge should be opened cars, don't start me on the speed humps

Here is a suggestion why not open Northbrook street on RACE DAYS only locals would know would know that and might help for race days congestion on A339 and Hambridge and locals who just want to get into town.

Race day every day then!

The congestion on the 3339 only ever appears between Robin Hood roundabout and Sainsbury's . Sainsbury's roundabout runs smoother when the traffic lights are out.

Park Way bridge can be two way to all traffic. ... it's nice that Northbrook Street is pedestrianised from 10-5
Council can't see beyond their noses

Traffic lights at Sainsbury's roundabout are always causing traffic jams. .. As soon as you get past that you are clear
Pathetic ... but doesn't traffic flow at the Robin Hood and Sainsbury's when the lights fail .....

The problem isn't traffic and passing trade. It's the age we live in. The Internet and out of town shopping centres / retail parks are what's killing off the high street. Opening up traffic may put people off as they won't want to play dodge the car. Also, our town centre isn't exactly big. If people can't walk from one end to the other without needing to park in the high street there's something wrong. Leave it as it is I say.

No! It's a much nicer experience without traffic and I must be travelling a different A339 because I rarely have a problem. Oh except maybe at weekends when 'non existent' people are trying to get to 'dead' Newbury and the shops 'nobody' wants...

I do agree that Sainsbury's roundabout does cause a problem.

Full Pedestrianisation of Northbrook Street was the best thing they did ... we're no longer looking out for buses taxis and others who thought that the pedestrianisation didn't mean they couldn't drive there.

The Americans offered to pay for and build a flyover over the Robin Hood and Thatcham level crossing but it was rejected by the Council as unnecessary...

Never thought of a flyover for the Robin Hood but that's one of the best ideas I've heard. That would keep the traffic flowing alright.

Leave Northbrook Street pedestrianised. It actually makes it much nicer to shop and you can walk about freely without a big red Vodafone bus creeping up on you. The problem with re-opening the Parkway bridge is that the whole Wharf and the exit to Bear Lane becomes totally blocked with cars which means the buses which now go down parkway would get totally blocked in.

Where it all goes pear shaped is the development that the planners have allowed Parkway and a supermarket in London Road without any thought for traffic trying to get out.

The Sainsbury roundabout was screwed the moment they added all the surface pedestrian crossings.

A road from Sainsbury's through the Mole (Scats) road going on to Thatcham through Sterling Estate will help there I'm sure.

Yeah the town is so dead that's why yesterday we had to go down to -2 level at parkway and then still drive around to find a parking space!!! Parkway bridge maybe two way but keep Northbrook street as it is!!!

Miss the bus stops in Northbrook Street , getting off in centre of town was good for shops.

Parkway bridge has to stay like it is as the congestion in the Wharf and getting out on to Bear Lane would be impossible. If when the Rising Sun was demolished the council had bought that bit of land (Where the cleaners and KFC are) then the exit onto the A339 could have been improved. Problem solved but too late now.

You are right , we quickly forget how we used to queue over the bridge and around the Wharf .....

I retract my statement of the bridge being two way as the volume of traffic is much higher nowadays

No - I don't agree with this - this is a shopping area and should remain pedestrianised - some relief for north - south traffic could be made available at relatively low cost by doubling Parkway bridge and providing a further exit on to the Sainsbury's roundabout with traffic light control - not perfect but it would provide some easing of the situation

I love the pedestrian zone in the centre, I walk with my 2 year old from one end to the other almost every day, and it makes Newbury special!

And are you sure that opening the road to traffic would support local traders? The pedestrian zone is always full of people walking and shopping, it wouldn't be as nice with cars everywhere. And walking is really good for our health, much better than parking two metres from the shop!

As a newcomer to Newbury it surprises me that Northbrook Street is ever open to traffic. The roundabout by Sainsbury's, police station, dual carriageway seems to cause the biggest congestion in or close to the centre.

I don't miss sitting in traffic in the wharf!

Northbrook Street should remain a pedestrian area. If the suggestion is followed how long will it be before it becomes chock a block with traffic and we will all be hankering for a change back. Northbrook Street is only closed to traffic between 10.00 and 4.00 (or is it 5.00?) any vehicle can go down outside these times. What is not going to help on the A339 is the construction of a new junction with traffic lights between Robin Hood and Sainsbury's when the new development in the Faraday Road area is complete. This development has taken a step nearer.

I would hate it to go back to traffic in Northbrook Street It is much more relaxing and safer shopping in Newbury now especially for older people and people with children As a previous commenter said Northbrook Street is always full of people meandering and browsing the shops My mum when she was alive would have been house bound as she wouldn't have been safe to be In town on her own with all that traffic!

I am pretty sure the bridge would never be open to traffic again, how the hell would busses keep to their timetable? Anyone suggesting it has obviously never been stuck on it for over an hour before!! I for one have many a time.
I think they should stop lorries taking the 'short cut' to Greenham and actually use the bypass what it was made for, has any local companies thought of incentives for people to walk or ride like vodafone I believe has done.


To be honest I can't see them reopening Northbrook Street to traffic. I don't think the majority of the public will accept this. Besides, people are used to it now.

As for helping the traders; what will help the traders is less or no parking fees. Driving through Newbury all day isn't going to help that.

Old Goat

I must say, I'd agree with that.  In fact, it would be far better if the town centre was closed completely. The 'design' of the new surface is actually part of the problem, it doesn't fit a Georgian townscape so looks unkempt and out of place - and is a significant distraction.  The traffic issues have been exacerbated by poor decisions about the Parkway bridge and the Rising Sun corner.  It beggars belief that a busy private car park entrance/exit was permitted at a busy complex junction!  Imagine a householder trying to get away with that.  Equally, why was a war time bridge, thrown up as a desperate emergency measure, replaced like for like?  If these errors were corrected and the Wharf area was utilised properly and so tidied up, it would enhance the Newbury experience significantly.