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Newbury - Victoria Park Deciduous Tree Pollarding

Started by Administrator, January 27, 2015, 10:24:15 am

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Newbury - Victoria Park Deciduous Tree Pollarding

Newbury Town Council is planning to have the Limes trees (Tilia x europaea) along the avenues in Victoria Park pollarded back to 1 metre above their original pollard points, this will reduce the height of the trees by approximately half. 

The tree pollarding is planned to start (weather permitting) on Monday, 09 February 2015, as a part of Newbury Town Council's aim to maintain its tree stocks for future generations and to prolong the trees' life span for as long as possible.

The works will involve the fencing off or the footpaths.  Path one from the Park Way Main Gate to St. Marys Road, will be closed off from 9.00am on the 9/2/15 for 8 days till 5.00pm on the 17/2/15 and path two which runs from St. Marys Road past the pond to the towpath will be closed from 8.30am on the 17/2/15 for 10 days until the 5.00pm on the 27/2/15.

Cllr Julian Swift-Hook, Leader of the Council said, "Lime tree avenues have been a focal point of Victoria Park for many years and the pollarding will ensure the continued public enjoyment of the park".