Author Topic: Newbury - Proposed taxi fare increases for Newbury & West Berkshire  (Read 2656 times)


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Newbury - Proposed taxi fare increases for Newbury & West Berkshire

Local taxi Companies and some independent proprietors (Hackney Carriages) have asked for a change in the way fares and fees are calculated

West Berkshire Council are seeking your views on changes that will affect the way fees and fares are worked out.

The tariff is the rate of fare that a taxi can legally charge as a maximum. Tariffs are set by the council through the Licensing Committee, based on proposals made by the taxi companies and independent proprietors. 

The current proposal is that the legal maximum fare be increased.

In addition, there are proposed changes to the number of tariffs used.

At the moment, taxi fares are calculated over three tariffs.  This framework helps taxi companies to adjust fares in a standardised way by the setting of the meter (for instance, to take into account peak times or over bank holidays). West Berkshire taxi companies now wish to introduce a new system that includes five different tariffs instead of three.

Further details on this consultation available here: