Author Topic: Newbury - Lib Dems call for bus/rail interchange in Market Street development  (Read 4237 times)


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Lib Dems call for bus/rail interchange as part of new Market Street development at Newbury Station

The current indicative plans for the new Market Street development in Newbury do not contain any provision for transferring from local bus services to the trains.
The current plan is to move the existing bus station in Market Street further from the railway station.

Councillor Keith Woodhams (opposition spokesman for highways and transport) is calling for the proposed Market Street development to include a bus rail interchange to the North of the railway station.  This would encourage people to use buses rather than cars to access the station. ‘I feel strongly that such a facility would reduce traffic and congestion, save commuters money on car parking and be more convenient for people of all ages when travelling by train’.

Councillor Roger Hunneman (Lib Dem councillor for Newbury’s Victoria Ward) added ‘It is surely common sense when redeveloping the area adjacent to the station to take the opportunity to connect bus and train services, especially in view of the improvement planned in train services following electrification in 2016.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get this right.’

Roger Hunneman and Keith Woodhams are also pressing for provision of passenger lifts at the station as it is understood that the passenger footbridge will be replaced because of electrification. This will be an ideal opportunity to provide for Network Rail to provide the much needed lifts.


Indicative plans for the Market Street development can be found on West Berkshire Council’s website here  page 32

The number of people using Newbury railway station each year is:-
2004/5      1.351 million
2005/6      1.420 million
2006/7      1.439 million
2007/8      1.480 million
2008/9      1.536 million
2009/10     1.436 million
2010/11     1.494 million
2011/12     1.558 million
2012/13     1.628 million
2013/14     1.664 million

Old Goat

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With the present road layout this would be simply daft.  It would cause bus delays going in and out, let alone a significant disruption to taxis and car park drop offs.  It's just the political grandstanding we've come to expect from the GlibDems; just making a noise for the sake of it.

The real answer (against the town's geography and present limited bus provision) would be to put in the scheme the developer has suggested, a straight flat footpath from the station to proper road side stops in Market Street. 

For a graphic illustration of the nonsenses we get when politicians 'design' the bus routes, just go on the Black bus to Reading.  Through narrow estate roads in Thatcham, trying to negotiate humps and badly parked cars. A new junction for the Hospital installed - which the bus finds difficult to negotiate.  The route goes in and out, necessitating some difficult driving, when straight through is practical and possible.  No wonder it takes so long!

Do the Councillors ever use the busses?  Shouldn't think so.