Author Topic: Newbury Town Council - New gym equipment in Victoria Park  (Read 3322 times)


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Newbury Town Council - New gym equipment in Victoria Park
« on: March 03, 2015, 12:03:33 pm »
Newbury Town Council - New gym equipment in Victoria Park

Newbury Town Council has just installed a range of outdoor gym equipment in Victoria Park.  The equipment is available free of charge for the use and enjoyment of visitors to the Park.

This is the latest in gym equipment, with hydraulic pistons and top calibre features for a real gym-like feel.  The power resistant 8 position pistons can be easily adjusted to increase/decrease tension to suit your workout routine.

Clear and simple instructional videos can be viewed on a smartphone, accessed via QR codes attached to the equipment.
The equipment is installed adjacent to the main Park Way entrance on a special surface to ensure the safety of users, and consists of the following items.

•   Spinning bikes (x2)

•   Hydraulic Bench Press

•   Hydraulic Leg Press

•   Hydraulic Shoulder Press

•   Hydraulic Stepper

•   Chin & Dip Station

•   Abdominal Bench

This equipment targets a whole range of fitness opportunities, covering cardiovascular, flexibility, balance, and coordination, strengthening and toning, progressive circuits and stretching:

The £20,000 installation represents a further investment in Victoria Park by Newbury Town Council.  The funding is drawn from s106 contributions paid by property developers and devolved to the Town Council specifically for improvements to Victoria Park for the benefit of Newbury residents.

Councillor Julian Swift-Hook, Leader of the Council said, “This latest investment in Victoria Park confirms our commitment to making the park as attractive and accessible as possible to the widest range of people.
“The gym equipment is fun to use, and regular exercise can also help towards a healthier lifestyle.”

“I’m looking forward to trying out the new equipment myself". 

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Re: Newbury Town Council - New gym equipment in Victoria Park
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2015, 05:01:10 pm »
Why?  There are two commercially operated gyms in close proximity.  Is this part of a secret plan to make the park just an urban street so it can be built on?  £20 grand found 'just like that' ... Who says public service expenditure had been cut to the bone!