Author Topic: Newbury - Conservatives devise clever ploy to dominate local newspaper website.  (Read 3793 times)


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Newbury - Conservatives devise clever ploy to dominate local newspaper website.

This wraparound appears on every single page of the website for our local newspaper

Our local Conservative party seem to have come up with a clever ploy to totally dominate every single page of the local website This is the website of our local newspaper the Newbury Weekly News.

Now I have no affiliation to any political party. I will always vote for the person not the party. They all have their good points and obviously they all have their bad points.

What I do object to is that one political party (in this case the Conservatives) are allowed to dominate an allegedly unbiased newspaper website in this way.

Can I throw this open to discussion please?

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Have to say that I believe that the media has an absolute obligation to be even handed when allowing political parties to address the electorate and like yourself I find what the NWN has done to be rather off. I can't blame the local Conservatives for trying but someone at the NWN clearly did not engage brain and saw the £ signs instead. Time for a rethink and a grovelling apology to the electorate I think.
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I suppose we have a free press who can print what they choose.  So presumably, if any other party chooses to pay, they'd let them do exactly the same.  I'd suggest that the biggest issue with this is that it raises the stakes for any minor party or independent.  However as print newspaper sales are dropping, it might not do them much good anyway.