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Started by Number 6, May 01, 2015, 03:51:33 pm

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Number 6

Is anyone else like me getting just a little bit hacked off with some of the unrealistic proposals being made by parties of all stripes in the run up to the election? We all know that the country has spent too much, is still increasingly spending too much and that we are still overly reliant on overly powerful banks who continue to hold us to ransom by being too big to fail. Many ,like me i suppose, are also fed up with people not paying their proper and full tax contribution, be they corporations or individuals, whilst continuing to enjoy the benefit of living or being based and doing business here. The exploitation of tax dodges by professional advisors should be banned and made a properly criminal offense. 
Lights the blue touch paper (not a political comment) and retires.
Be seeing you. ;)
No 6
Be seeing you ;-)

Old Goat

Hang around No.6, you aren't alone by any means!  Politics seems to have descended to huckster selling these days, one step short of  'vote for me and you'll get a free plastic toy'. We are being treated like poor uneducated hicks - just believe the huckster and his toadies and we'll be rich, or at least they will.

Number 6

Thank you Old Goat. Yes I will hang around for as long as I can ! Like you I think we are increasingly being taken as fools with a new twist to the game that anything we think we are voting for can and  will be subverted by a coalition building process that in part relies on what the Scottish vote for. Unlike us they have had the benefit of a referendum as to if they wanted the union to continue and as a result look set to vote in an SNP contingent of MP's determined to force higher taxation upon us whatever party the decide to ally with. I ask myself how can this be right given that they have their own assembly and should be left to raise their own taxation from their own population, not the country as a whole. It would seem our politicians are happy to sell the best interests of England down the road at every opportunity in order to maintain a grip on power no matter what the cost. This without even getting to the open wound of EU membership.
>:( No6
Be seeing you ;-)

Number 6

So we escape control from those over what in future may possibly become a border. What a relief. With a return to strong goverment perhaps we can get back to the really essential jobs at hand of slashing the deficit by public spending cuts , reducing taxes and public sector reform. Interesting and hopefully good times ahead.
Be seeing you.
No. 6  ;)
Be seeing you ;-)