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Newbury's motoring heritage

Started by boston1944, November 05, 2015, 06:02:55 pm

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Hello all,

Can you help me please. Along with my fellow trustee Roger Day of Hungerford I am researching the motoring history of the Kennet Valley. My area of operations is the eastern, Newbury end with roger's being the Hungerford / Marlborough end.
We are seeking material of all kinds, photographs, letters, documents and of course oral testimony about all historic motoring matters as an extension to our earlier military based archive for the Kennet Valley at war Trust. The results may end up in a local history picture book at some stage.
We have been pretty successful in certain areas and a number of former garage owners and motor traders have been very generous with their archives, particularly with regard to Marchants, Wheelers and Murray and Whittaker and we have some terrific stuff. There are still some fairly large gaps particularly with some of the other well known concerns, I am thinking particularly of such as Martin and Chillingworth and Pass and Co. There are many others.
We are also very short of more personal ephemera, grandad's Austin, uncle Bert's Alvis etc. etc. I am sure you all know the kind of thing.
If any of you can help us then we would love to hear from you. All photographs will be carefully copied and returned as will anything else loaned for copying or reading. Roger in particular is very well practiced in such measures and your items will be safe.
If you have any questions please do email me on the address provided, I look forward to the rush !
Kind regards,
Tim Green