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The old Carlton Cinema

Started by eddieS, November 02, 2015, 08:21:00 pm

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Does anyone have a date when this cinema opened?

Better still, does anyone have a picture of it?

I was a regular visitor to the cinema until it went up in flames. I used to live in Herborough Place, off Bartholomew Street. It was a short walk to the Carlton though the Regal was much nearer.



Information on this cinema is rather scarce. However the Newbury Timeline provided by the Newbury Society indicates that it was opened in 1911.

Records on other websites indicate that it burnt down on the Thursday before Easter 1951. (22nd March 1951)


Thank you.

The cinema from 1911 was in a building on the left side of Cheap St.heading south just before the railway bridge. The Railway Hotel was on the other side of the bridge.

I remember the "cremation" of the Carlton. Herborough Place at its furthest end from the main road was rather near to it! With Plenty's being so close it was a bit of a warm situation!

Thanks again for your trouble.