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pubs along the a4 between Newbury and Theale

Started by pubhunter, August 25, 2015, 08:10:56 pm

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I am just setting out to record memories of the pubs in West Berks that we used to drink in and am starting with the A4 between Theale and Newbury as we went in a number of hostelries along this bit. So far I can recall the following but if you can add to it I would be most grateful !
The Coach and Horses (Midgham) Jacks Booth/Three Kings (Padworth) Hare & Hounds (Padworth) The Winning Hand/Emerald Lady (Padworth) The Angel (Woolhampton) The Falcon (Woolhampton) The Berkshire Arms (Midgham) The Plough (?) Thatcham, Silks night club, The White House (Newbury), The Robin Hood (Newbury).

I know it isn't strictly all Newbury but any help gratefully received. I remember another pub at Padworth that got demolished along with the Hare and Hounds either to build the petrol station or the hotel.

Many thanks !