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Newbury - The Railway Hotel - 1964 and 1984

Started by Administrator, March 16, 2014, 04:49:51 pm

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Newbury - The Railway Hotel - 1964 and 1984

The Railway Hotel Newbury 1964

The Railway Hotel Newbury 1984

As an added extra: Photograph probably taken from the footbridge during the 1950's

© Kevin Robertson Railway Books


Re The Railway Hotel Photo shown as 1964. The car in the photo is a Buckler 90 sports/racing car made in the mid 1950's and the driver almost certainly Richard Brown from Newbury. The car was one of many made by a company in Reading and Crowthorne and this is the works prototype of 1953, which had an extensive racing career.   I have been an excited passenger in the same car for many miles in the 1950's.

The attached photo shows the same car racing at Silverstone. The car is still on the road and being restored at Bristol.