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Newbury - Drones should these devices be licensed?

Started by BrianB, December 17, 2015, 01:49:30 pm

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Drones appear to be one of the popular choices for Christmas this year. These devices are very good in professional hands, but irresponsibility seems to be creeping in and it won't be long before one of these things drops out of the sky at a crowded event, or even worse causes an aircraft to crash.

The government is refusing to license them, but some sort of control is definitely needed. The last time I went to Donnington Castle, there were 2 of these things buzzing about.

I will probably get a lot of abusive comments but I think the problem needs to be highlighted.

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I am really uncomfortable with this technology being so freely available with all its potential for misuse. A license should be the minimum requirement but actually I would like to see a proof of need regime apply to anyone outside of the  police and public services applied. Unfortunately this particular genie nasty is already out of the box so it is probably too late so all I can do is hope I am wrong about its adverse potential. :-\
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If doing it for commercial purposes you do have to be licensed and file a choice of conduct.

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It would appear that drones have been the surprise sales hit of the Christmas season and as a result home insurance companies are rushing to remove them from their liabilities coverage. 
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