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Newbury - Draconian cuts to services proposed by West Berkshire Council

Started by Administrator, February 14, 2016, 12:01:27 pm

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Newbury - Draconian cuts to services proposed by West Berkshire Council

West Berkshire Council are proposing over 10 million pounds in cuts to services in Newbury and West Berkshire.

These are the proposed cuts:

Removal of access officer post - £48,000

Cessation of Arts and Leisure Development Service - £54,000

Increase in car parking charges in Newbury, Thatcham, Theale and Pangbourne

Closure of the cash office in the council offices - £44,000

Funding scrapped for CCTV service (40 in total) - £224,930

Closure of Chestnut Walk Care Home in Hungerford - £94,000

Closure of four children's centres in south Newbury, south Thatcham (Lower Way), East Downlands and Calcot - £300,000

Reduction in funding to Citizen's Advice Bureau - £15,000

Funding scrapped for Greener Sub-Partnership - £20,000

Reduction in funding to the Eat 4 Health course - £7,000

Funding scrapped for Empowering West Berkshire - £50,000

Reduction in Family Resource Centre services - £100,000

Scrapping funding for Feel Good Fortnight - £10,000

Reduction in funding for highways maintenance - £522,000

Reduction in home-to-school transport services - £387,100

Removing funding for Housing Related Outreach Support Service - £184,000

Scrapping funding for the Jubilee Centre in Kintbury - £9,000

Reallocation of funding for Learning Independence for Travel - £114,000

Reduction of the mobile library service and the merger of Burghfield Common library and Mortimer library - £90,000

Reduction in funding for the Mental Health Supported Living Scheme - £100,000

Removal of the Oral Health Promotion Service - £24,000

Scrapping of funding for the Pang and Kennet project - £14,000

Reduction in funding for the Primary Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service - £40,000

Reduction in funding for free school holiday activities, free swimming lessons and transport - £16,000

Reallocation of funding for the Pre-School Counselling Service - £83,500

Transfer/closure of the public toilets at The Wharf and Pembroke Road in Newbury - £70,000

Reduction in the rural highways grass cutting service - £10,000

Removal of funding for school crossing patrols - £21,000

Reduction in funding for short breaks for disabled children - £345,000

Reduction in funding for the Smoking Cessation Service - £32,000

Removal of funding for Step by Step Support Lodgings - £100,000

Reduction in funding for Thames Valley Positive Support - £7,000

Reduction in funding for The Edge - £42,900

Reduction in funding for traffic management and road safety - £60,000

Transfer/closure of the Visitor Information Centre in Newbury - £62,000

Reduction in street cleaning - £100,000

Removal of funding for part of the Youth Offending Team's work - £24,183

Old Goat

Shouldn't they be cutting the amount given to Parish and Town Councils as well? 

Old Goat

Something not quite right here.

Apparently WBC are giving Newbury Town Counncil £50 odd thousand to pay for a water feature in Victoria Park.  Why?  It looks as if the Councillors sit on both councils so they can't have been unaware of WBCs problems.