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Good to see High Street busy

Started by Number 6, July 09, 2016, 06:24:38 pm

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Number 6

A saunter down Northbrook Street and a pop into several shops today showed that Newbury still seems to be alive and well despite the forecasts of doom post Brexit. Can it be that people are perfectly able to get on with their lives without the interference of politicians and bureaucrats and their over inflated sense of self importance ? Perhaps we don't really need anywhere near as many of these people for the world to function as they would have us believe - think in the fortunes we could save in taxation ? Maybe , just maybe we are at the start of a re-evaluation of how society works - perhaps it will benefit the people, not the elite hierachies that dominate our lives and control our every move ?
Be seeing you
No. 6
Be seeing you ;-)

Old Goat

Yes, a great summary following a right result.  Should we not be celebrating?  Err no, the control freaks are still here, still smarting, and looking for revenge.  Yes, the people have spoke, the b....

I'm really sorry, although it was a worthy dream, but 'they' aren't giving up.  Not much point anymore, so head down, keep your nose clean, and do your time!


Number 6

For those that think they can revert to the status quo and remain in the EU then the words of a very wise old generation politician of way back spring to mind - Events dear boy, events . Whilst all attention is focussed on a largely pointless leadership election the real action is taking place in the financial world. As he said, events !
Be seeing you ;-)

Old Goat

The venerable gentleman you mention was also railing against selling the family silver, the nice furniture in the saloon and even the Canelettos.  It's perhaps comforting to know he didn't live to see us unload everything else, including the park and we've just remortgaged the house.  Still, we've got a bit of cash whilst it lasts.