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Newbury - Petrol prices since the Brexit Referendum

Started by BrianB, August 17, 2016, 02:32:03 pm

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I can't understand how fuel prices have apparently contributed to the current rise in inflation.

Here in Newbury petrol prices were going up by 1p per week every Thursday UNTIL 23rd June (Brexit Referendum) when there was no increase at all and there hasn't been any price rises since. In fact it is now 3p per litre cheaper than it was on Brexit Referendum Day.

Somebody needs to get the facts straight.

Number 6

Central Banks across the globe have been producing huge quantities of free (to some) money which is used to play the commodity and stock markets by those who see gambling as the easy way to wealth. In this they are not mistaken as the real economy stagnates.There is an inconvenient truth in oil production - supply outstrips demand and is likely to do so for some time. This should mean that prices fall but apparently not in this strange world we now live in. Governments allow market manipulation as a way of averting deflation. Students of history will notice the similarities to what occured in the 1930's.
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Old Goat

Perhaps 'greener' vehicles will come to the rescue. OK electric vehicles are still not totally viable, but is 'big oil' elbowing the safer hydrogen alternative?