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West st parking

Started by Uncle, December 23, 2013, 06:30:07 pm

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Correct me if I'm wrong( there's an invitation) but the " permit holders only " bay on West st,opposite Macs is a nice little earner for WBC,as permit holders rarely use it,and the snooker club members,and guests continually suffer.

only me

Quote from: Uncle on December 23, 2013, 06:30:07 pmCorrect me if I'm wrong........... the snooker club members and guests continually suffer.

You're wrong :P

What was there before?  A single yellow line that meant NOBODY could use it during the day, so it didn't affect the snooker club or it's users at all. 

Now at least they've put a bay in for permit holders in that part of town. The West St residents opposite The Lion have had nowhere to park during the day for years but now they've been given an option.  The fact that only a couple may have bought a permit is a different matter.  I doubt it's a 'nice little earner'.. 


Nice little earner from FINES....not permits!

only me

If you park in a bay marked 'Permit Holders Only' and you don't have a permit then you get what you deserve.. ;D

I'm quite happy for WBC to be ticketing those chancers.  However from what I've seen when in that part of town there's hardly anyone ever parked in the bay, so again, if there's hardly any tickets issued it's hardly a 'nice little earner'