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Newbury now has a new delicatessen

Started by Administrator, February 03, 2014, 09:00:17 am

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Newbury now has a new delicatessen

Oldbury's Deli in Bridge Street Newbury (opposite LLoyd's Bank)

Oldbury's founder, Simon Carr's vision for the store is, 'to bring back artisan foods, tailored to modern tastes' and to do this whilst  'reinforcing the traditional high street values of quality and service.'  "It's what retail should be about, challenging the norms of choice and quality to give the customer a better experience. Newbury has enough big supermarkets and mass produced coffee shops.  We are all aware of the plight of the high street and I think many people are moving away from the larger, impersonal brands and are ready to embrace a more personal and tailored approach to their shopping."

John Stratford, the newly appointed manager, brings with him a wealth of experience gained initially in a variety of catering roles in the Navy and then in a number of retail operations.  "I am really excited about the quality and range of products that we are going to be stocking and also about being part of an organisation that is keen to belong to the community that is Newbury."  Prior to joining Oldburys, John was manager at the West Cornwall Pasty Co and Kings Coffee House.