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Does West Berkshire have Dog Wardens ?

Started by Number 6, January 30, 2014, 08:38:34 pm

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Number 6

As a person who habitually walks most places whenever possible it has become clear lately that there is a growing problem of dog mess fouling the footpaths of the town and surrounding streets. Not the fault of the dogs themselves, but of the irresponsible owners who fail to clear up after them, it would seem that we need wardens (if they exist) to start issuing penalty notices and fines to the anti-social miscreants responsible for their pets actions . If there are no wardens left perhaps the civil enforcement officers could take on the responsibility and help return our pavements from being animal toilets to their proper role ? Perhaps even better they could also photograph the offenders so they could be named and shamed so that the majority of responsible pet owners can be distanced from the antisocial minority. Together with a few stiff fines to help swell our local coffers we could also insist they take a pet ownership and responsibility course or perhaps a community service order requiring them to go around and clean up after others pets ? Whatever the solution shame on them for their appalling attitude to civic responsibility.
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Old Goat

I'd go with that!  This is where Neighbourhood Watch could really come into play.  The miscreants must be local people.  Once identified, the stuff could be simply returned to the owner, I'd be happy to help with deliveries.