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Chaos on police roundabout

Started by Uncle, February 02, 2014, 02:09:29 pm

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The synchronisation of the lights on this roundabout , weekend have caused huge tailbacks on an otherwise quiet time. Saturday,the Bear lane exit was 3 cars per session....Sunday it was 12/4,which is great if you ain't on the ring road !

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Having been caught in the queues several times this weekend on essential journeys it would seem that the whole traffic light regime on this stretch is now due a rethink as even moderate traffic levels seem to be causing congestion. Combine incorrect phasing with half asleep drivers failing to make good progress and gridlock seems inevitable. Makes you wonder who decides day to day what the phasing is and what qualifications they have for the role ?
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On Sunday (2nd Feb), they were replacing road sensors at the junction of the A4 and Hambridge Road. East bound traffic on Hambridge Road was stretching back to the London Apprentice (That must be nearly a mile)


The main problem on the police roundabout is caused by traffic trying to get into town. There are now three sets of lights (Market Place, Cheap Street outside Downers, Market Street outside Ghassans) That are causing traffic to build up and queue back onto the police station roundabout, blocking northbound traffic.