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Interpretation panel for the second battle of Newbury - Fund raising lectures

Started by Administrator, March 02, 2014, 02:02:10 pm

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Interpretation panel for the second battle of Newbury - Fund raising lectures

The Mayor of Newbury, Cllr Anthony Pick, and the Battlefields Trust are promoting an interpretation panel for the Second Battle of Newbury, along the same lines as the interpretation panel for the First Battle which was unveiled in Wash Common recreation ground in 2012.  To raise further funds for the panel, a series of lectures has been organised at Shaw House:

Saturday 8th March, starts 7.30pm - doors open 6.30pm.  Lecture: First Battle of Newbury 1643: Jon Day will talk about the decisive campaign and battle of Newbury in 1643 that marked the start of the decline in royalist fortunes during the first Civil war. He will explain why and how the battle was fought and its importance to determining the future outcome of the war.

Saturday 12th April, starts 7.30pm - doors open 6.30pm.  Lecture:  Second Battle of Newbury 1644: Historian Chris Scott, author of a number of books on early modern warfare including The Battle of Newbury, will discuss how King Charles I narrowly avoided losing his main army in the fields north of the river Kennet in late October 1644 and the profound impact parliament's failure to achieve a victory there had on its future conduct of the war.

Saturday 17th May, starts 7.30pm - doors open 6.30pm.  Lecture: The Sieges of Donnington Castle and the Third Battle of Newbury 1644: Simon Marsh, co-author of Battle for London and active member of Battlefields Trust, will explain the background and conduct of the three sieges at Donnington during the Civil War, bringing to life the experience of siege warfare during the 17th century. He will also talk about the often overlooked third battle of Newbury in November 1644.

Ticket Information:  £12.00 per person or buy all 3 lectures for £30.00

Please purchase these from Shaw House 01635 279279 or Newbury Visitor Information Centre 01635 30267
Cllr Anthony Pick said "The interpretation panel will explain and commemorate this pivotal event in English history, and I am sure that the lecture series will give those attending a vivid understanding of the Battle."