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U turns on mini roundabouts in Newbury Town Centre.

Started by BrianB, February 20, 2014, 04:32:46 pm

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The number of people attempting to make U turns on mini roundabouts in Newbury is on the increase.

On Monday a woman driver dropped kids off outside the bike shop in Bartholomew Street. She then attempted a U turn on the mini roundabout at the junction with Craven Road. She caused complete chaos because she just launched into a manoeuvre that other drivers were not expecting. There could have been a serious accident if the other drivers had not reacted as quickly as they did. She managed the manoeuvre with a 3 point turn and going onto the kerb.

Personally I would not dream of attempting a U turn at this junction. However, many drivers do.

Checking with a friendly policeman, it is not illegal to do a U turn on a mini roundabout as long as you can accomplish it in one manoeuvre which most vehicles can't at this junction. The technicality comes if you have to reverse i.e. make a three point turn. It is illegal to reverse on a roundabout and you can be booked for it.

Apparently most policemen turn a blind eye because they can't be  bothered with the paperwork.


I'm sure a lot of this either comes down to lack of local knowledge, (they dont realise they can simply turn down Craven Road and drive round the block) or its just sheer laziness.