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More traffic disruption ahead - when does it become unacceptable ?

Started by Number 6, September 12, 2019, 12:03:59 pm

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Number 6

I am starting to scratch my head in disbelief at both the length of time and the amount of chaos that the A339 road works has been allowed to cause in Newbury. Stretched over many months the amount of work actually undertaken seems miniscule in proportion. Large sections of coned off areas seemed to go untouched for many weeks but now the darker and more problematic autumn nights are drawing in we are to be subjected to more closures. Is anyone in authority in real control of this process or are the contractors being allowed to do what they want ?

Be seeing you ;-)

Old Goat

Do WBC do ANYTHING these days?  My lad has just told me even Building Control is run by Wokingham.  Perhaps that's the idea, empty the offices and they could be used as a day centre for the OAPs who are said to be a problem.