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The original Black Boys Bridge - Bartholomew Street Newbury

Started by Administrator, February 23, 2014, 12:35:12 pm

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The following is reproduced from Google Groups:

"I have been trying to trace the history of the bridge and in particular how
it got its name. Apparently the original bridge on this site was opened
c1840. It was then either demolished and replaced OR adapted to cater for
the opening of the Lambourn Valley railway c1898.

Does anyone have any information on the original bridge and/or its

It would appear that the bridge got its name from the Blackboys Hotel, a
substantial building on the Southern side of the railway which traded until
the early 1950's. This building is now occupied by a hairdressers, a charity
shop, a chip shop, and an office supply company.

According to Newbury Museum, the hotel has existed for at least 240 years,
they can trace a licence back as far as 1761.

The museum can only surmise that the name was probably derived either from
the boys who used to work as chimney sweeps, or has a Negro derivation.

I have checked with Kevin Robertson who co wrote the book Illustrated
History of the Lambourn Branch Railway, whilst he can indicate the
approximate years of construction, he does not know the full details of
construction or the derivation of the name."