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Memories of Newbury / Mens outfitters
January 24, 2018, 08:39:57 pm
Does anyone have recollection of agent's outfitters in Northbrook Street roughly opposite Burton's?

It may have been called Silvers.

I do know that it had a window display front that allowed you to "do a Harry Worth". That would put it at about eary 1960s

Memories of Newbury / Carlton Cinema
January 24, 2018, 08:36:59 pm
Does anyone out there have a picture of the Carlton Cinema in Cheap Street (prior to the fire, of course)?

Got something to say? / Re: The old Carlton Cinema
November 03, 2015, 01:37:00 pm
Thank you.

The cinema from 1911 was in a building on the left side of Cheap St.heading south just before the railway bridge. The Railway Hotel was on the other side of the bridge.

I remember the "cremation" of the Carlton. Herborough Place at its furthest end from the main road was rather near to it! With Plenty's being so close it was a bit of a warm situation!

Thanks again for your trouble.
Got something to say? / The old Carlton Cinema
November 02, 2015, 08:21:00 pm
Does anyone have a date when this cinema opened?

Better still, does anyone have a picture of it?

I was a regular visitor to the cinema until it went up in flames. I used to live in Herborough Place, off Bartholomew Street. It was a short walk to the Carlton though the Regal was much nearer.

Memories of Newbury / St. Nicholas Junior School 1948
January 04, 2014, 06:28:39 pm
Hi again

Here's the follow up. My guess as to the young students is:

Back row: Miss Wadey (teacher), Jennifer Davis, Margaret Tuck, X , Pat Medland, X , Sally Turner, June Osborne(?), X , Kathy Grove, Janet Pocock, Maureen Headlong, Janet Stevens(?); Margaret Wooldridge.
Middle Row 1 Standing: Beryl Booker, Judith ?, Barry King, Eddie Sammons, Jeremy Abbott, Richard Dale, Jeremy Hill, John Goldstone, John January, Mike Smith, Reg Forsythe, John Walters, Bobby Warwick, Mary Bull, X .
Middle Row Seated: X , Janet Stevens(?), Rosemary Burrows, X ,Helen Turk, Yvonne Clark, Jill ? , Josephine Lewis, X.
Front row: Henry Williams, Malcolm Legg, Brian Pye, Jo Lawrenson, Frank Hopkins.

Does anyone know what happened to Miss Wadey (have I spelt her name correctly??)

Any help in filling in the blanks appreciated. I stand to be corrected, of course, though I am pretty sure on most of the boys. I followed through to Grammar school with some of them.

Thanks again

Memories of Newbury / St John's Infant School
January 04, 2014, 05:51:43 pm
Newbury is my home town and I lived there until 1969 when work took me elsewhere. I went to school in Newbury and I found a few old photos. here is one of my early school years. the tag to it says 1946!

Now, is there anyone out there who can help me identify those little darlings! I can remember quite a few but if anyone can clarify those with (?) or identify any of the unknown ones marked X, I would be very grateful.

Here is what I have tentatively worked out:
Back row: Margaret Wooldridge(?), Kathy Grove, Jennifer Davis, Pat Medland, June Osborne(?), X , X , Maureen Headlong, Margaret Tuck, Josephine Lewis.
Middle row1 Standing: Rosemary Burrows, Ann Warner, X , Chris Griffin, John January, Mike Smith, John Walters, Michael Bayliss, Richard Dale, Mike Norton(?), John Goldstone, Eddie Sammons - me!, X, X.
Middle row 2 Seated: X , X , X , X , X , Doris Gale(?), Helen Turk, Mary Bull, Valerie Taylor(?),  X , Beryl Booker.
Front row: Eric Digweed(?), Brian Pye, Michael Downton, X , Bryan Canning(?)

Had to shrink the photo in order to post it.
Thanks. I'll follow up with one from St. Nicholas!