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Title: Mary Chorley nee Kimber (1865-1936) Cope Hall, Enborne, Newbury
Post by: Burley Archive on January 01, 2019, 12:39:32 pm
I'm looking to fill in the blanks in my research for the Burley Local History Group, West Yorkshire, on Mary Chorley nee Kimber who was born at Cope Hall, Enborne, Newbury.
The current research results can be found here: Mary Chorley nee Kimber 1865-1936 (

Interested in her early years up to the age of 33 when she married Harry Sutton Chorley (1869-1939) in London & moved to Yorkshire.
Questions & research include:
- Finding images of: Mary Chorley nee Kimber; Cope Hall (demolished in the 1960s); tallow chandling shop on Bartholomew St., Newbury.
- What she did and/or where she was living after she left Hillersdon House Ladies College in Barnes in London.
- knowing more about the Valpy's at Enborne Lodge & the Fielding's at Enborne House. 
- anything else that people might know of the Kimbers' of Cope Hall.