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Title: Newbury Town Council unveils its first blue plaque for a Newbury Historic Site
Post by: Administrator on November 16, 2015, 01:03:20 pm

Newbury Town Council is proud to announce the erection and unveiling of the first of its planned programme of blue plaques to mark sites of interest for Newbury history.  The site is that of Herborough House, the Newbury home of Walter Money, the founder of modern historical studies of Newbury.  The closest building to the demolished house is Hogan Music at Winchcombe House, 123-126 Bartholomew Street, who have kindly agreed to the erection of the plaque outside their premises.

The text of the plaque reads: "Near this spot stood Herborough House, the home from circa 1880-1896 of Walter Money FSA (1836-1926) the founder of modern Newbury historical studies.  Author of The First and Second Battles of Newbury and the Siege of Donnington Castle (1881), The History of the ancient Town and Borough of Newbury (1887), A Popular History of Newbury (1905), plus studies of the history of St Nicolas Church and of the local histories of many towns and villages in West Berkshire.  Hon. Sec. of the Newbury District Field Club from 1879 to 1893."

The plaque will be unveiled by the Mayor of Newbury, Cllr Howard Bairstow, at 11am on Monday 23 November 2015. 

The colour blue, which is traditional for this type of plaque, was chosen to be the same colour as the blue of the Town Council's logo.  The Newbury Society contributed £100 towards the cost.