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July 07, 2020, 11:38:05 am


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Passed by today and the foul water problem now seems to be fixed - hooray and well done to to whoever was involved. Sadly as one problem disappears the old one of the smokers has reappeared with two people puffing away so vigorously in the outside seating area of the coffee shop that I almost disappeared in a cloud of smoke as I passed by. Not quite sure how a food and drink outlet enhances it's brand image by allowing such pollution on its doorstep ? 
It would seem a unique if rather unpleasant solution has been found to the pedestrian hazard outside the coffee shop with a long term drain/sewer overflow having remained unfixed for quite some time forcing pedestrians to cross rapidly to the other side of the street ! Does anyone know who would be responsible for fixing this problem and if and when they intend to do anything about it ? Hardly a great advert for the town and must be a great concern to the businesses at that spot. Great way of solving the smokers issue though. ;)
Sadly the inclement weather shows no sign of ending and the community is now facing some serious flooding risk even in the major conurbations of West Berkshire. With many vulnerable people in retirement properties and families desperate to protect their homes we may be reaching a point in time when we need to rethink how we resource flood prevention and flooding countermeasures in the locality. All the good work on flood prevention schemes seem to already be inadequate in the face of this unprecedented weather pattern.  I hope the worst does not happen to all those at risk but suspect that without a rapid change in the weather we will as a community be put to the test as many are flooded in their homes.  :(
Got something to say? / Re: Banks and PPI
February 03, 2014, 09:03:19 pm
There are those who believe PPI compensation is a coalition inspired ruse to inject money into the economy to provide for economic growth surreptitiously. I couldn't possibly comment. ;)
Got something to say? / Re: Chaos on police roundabout
February 02, 2014, 09:43:09 pm
Having been caught in the queues several times this weekend on essential journeys it would seem that the whole traffic light regime on this stretch is now due a rethink as even moderate traffic levels seem to be causing congestion. Combine incorrect phasing with half asleep drivers failing to make good progress and gridlock seems inevitable. Makes you wonder who decides day to day what the phasing is and what qualifications they have for the role ?
As a person who habitually walks most places whenever possible it has become clear lately that there is a growing problem of dog mess fouling the footpaths of the town and surrounding streets. Not the fault of the dogs themselves, but of the irresponsible owners who fail to clear up after them, it would seem that we need wardens (if they exist) to start issuing penalty notices and fines to the anti-social miscreants responsible for their pets actions . If there are no wardens left perhaps the civil enforcement officers could take on the responsibility and help return our pavements from being animal toilets to their proper role ? Perhaps even better they could also photograph the offenders so they could be named and shamed so that the majority of responsible pet owners can be distanced from the antisocial minority. Together with a few stiff fines to help swell our local coffers we could also insist they take a pet ownership and responsibility course or perhaps a community service order requiring them to go around and clean up after others pets ? Whatever the solution shame on them for their appalling attitude to civic responsibility.
Got something to say? / Re: Maunder minimum
January 22, 2014, 10:42:02 pm
Ah yes,that was the chap. Seem to remember things could get quite vitriolic at times especially when confronted by what he took for lesser mortals who stuck to their guns and refused to be browbeaten.  None the less was one of the more entertaining and prolific posters who's knowledge and intellect made for some lively threads. Good to have a new poster join the few who so far dare to pontificate on here so a warm welcome only me. Now if we could just encourage a few more to join our ranks ?
Got something to say? / Maunder minimum
January 18, 2014, 11:58:32 am
I seem to remember that there used to be forum poster who some time back predicted that we could be heading for a mini ice age caused by a new maunder minimum event. Was much derided at the time over his postings on all kinds of topics but it may be that he was more switched on than he was given credit for. Drove a Maserati I seem to remember. Kudos.
Reading the local news re flooding and peoples desperate attempts to protect their properties this evening I had a Jeremy Clarkson moment and wondered if we could somehow mobilize the fit unemployed to assist in the flood prevention effort filling and deploying sandbags and other barriers ? Surely the opportunity to assist desperate families and individuals struggling to protect their hard earned property and possessions would gladden the hearts of those who would otherwise be idle - purely as a token of their thanks for the benefits they receive from the collective tax take ?    Sadly probably just one of my many idle musings that will never come to pass.  ;) ;D
Got something to say? / Re: New Year wishes.
January 01, 2014, 07:06:00 pm
Agreed.With so much unpleasantness in the world there is much to be said for residing in sleepy old Newbury and West Berkshire. It may make the forum topics a little pedestrian at times but a price well worth paying I think. A happy New Year to you all.
Got something to say? / Too much street furniture
December 18, 2013, 10:17:21 pm
Walking down Northbrook  Street today I had to dodge and weave around multiple obstructions in my path making for very erratic progress in order to avoid colliding with other shoppers. A new coffee shop in particular seems to have taken up a large slice of the pavement with outside seating (forcing pedestrians to walk in the traffic lanes at the unrestricted times) and compared to the uncluttered thoroughfares of the new Parkway Northbrook Street is looking more and more like an obstacle course. Bad enough that we have to suffer chuggers without these self inflicted impediments to progress. Time to engage brains and re-think in my opinion. What do others think ? 
I did not make the switch on this year (kids to old and too many other things to do  :() but made it down to the Christmas market at about 7.30 pm and must say I found it all very enjoyable and attractive with a great atmosphere. With a choir singing and plenty of food and drink to be had, together with stalls selling various seasonal goods and presents, the whole thing was very well done indeed. Time will tell if it is an overall success but a good crowd on the night seemed to be spending money so hopefully it will be financially viable for the vendors as I can see this becoming quite an ongoing tradition if it can be maintained.The venue works well situated as it is next to the new shopping centre though not quite sure what the tenants of the expensive flats would make of an annual market ! Must find time to sample the bier - my ability to drink a stein in one go is long gone, these days I would just spill most of it down myself if I tried.Should fit right in with the rest  ;D
I think the lights are a great improvement over the tired old set that had long ago outlived their usefulness. The clocktower all dressed up especially adds to the appearance of Northbrook Street and hopefully the marketplace when switched on will complete the experience for our young people. Not a great fan of them being switched on so early but can understand the retailers wanting to get full value from their investment. Together with the Christmas Market Newbury is really making an effort this year. Way to go when times are tough.
Got something to say? / Re: Welcome back.
November 26, 2013, 12:19:56 am
I have watched major companies struggle to achieve such a revamp without spending countless man hours and major bucks doing what you have achieved in a very short time. Also your choice of solution looks good so far (time will tell) with a nice clean layout and intuitive format. Congratulations and well done.
Got something to say? / Welcome back.
November 24, 2013, 12:30:34 pm
Great to see the forum back.  :)