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Title: Newbury - Listen to Kennet Radio Live on 87.7 FM
Post by: Administrator on May 02, 2014, 01:00:40 pm
Newbury - Listen to Kennet Radio Live on 87.7 FM

Kennet Radio launches its second live FM trial broadcast in Newbury and Thatcham on Saturday 3rd May at 9am, on 87.7 MHz FM.

The launch programme will be presented by local radio presenter and personality, Paul Newman.  Paul will also be hosting a regular daytime programme every weekday afternoon.

Along with Paul, a roster of more than 20 volunteer presenters will be hosting a wide variety of programmes during the course of the 24 day FM trial.

Broadcasting only to Newbury and Thatcham and run entirely by volunteers, Kennet Radio provides a community-based alternative to the regional and national radio stations that cover this area.

Kennet Radio ran a successful trial broadcast on FM last autumn.  The experience gained is being put to good use for this 2nd trial broadcast.

Kennet Radio Director Carole Throup said, "We have to wait until the end of this year before Ofcom will accept applications for a full-time community radio licence in the south-east.  Having successful trial broadcasts under our belt will be enormously helpful in supporting our full-time application, and meanwhile it gives us the opportunity to demonstrate what local community radio is really about."

"It also gives us the opportunity to make sure that all of the technical things needed to get a radio station on the air are all working properly."

Kennet Radio's programmes are made locally, by local people.  Without the commercial pressures facing other radio stations, Kennet Radio can play a wider variety of music covering 6 decades.  The station also broadcasts extended interviews with local people and can cover local issues in depth.

Kennet Radio also enables local voluntary organisations to increase community awareness of their services and to connect with new volunteers.

Kennet Radio is very grateful to the many local companies and organisations who are supporting it.

"Although we are run entirely by volunteers, unfortunately they are there are some costs that have to be met in hard cash," said Kennet Radio's chairman, Julian Swift-Hook.

"We are very grateful to all of the local businesses, large and small, who are supporting Kennet Radio and helping us on the way to getting a full-time licence.  We couldn't do it without them"

As well as picking up Kennet Radio on 87.7 MHz on FM radios during the trial, listeners can hear Kennet Radio 24/7 online via  You can also listen on your smartphone using the free TuneIn radio app.

If you would like to get involved, Kennet Radio welcomes new volunteers.  You can get in touch via the Kennet Radio website at