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Title: Incident in Bartholomew Street this evening (Thursday 7th August @ 5.30pm)
Post by: Administrator on August 07, 2014, 09:43:22 pm
Perhaps someone would be kind enough to copy this across to the NWN forum, where the question has been asked, "What was going on"

The incident was caused by a gentleman on the pavement close to the entrance to the old Phoenix Brewery who was bleeding profusely. People were rushing to assist him and I pulled into the layby opposite and dialled 999. I didn't cross the road but sat in my car in the layby talking to the emergency services until the ambulance arrived.

Facebook pages seem to indicate that the injury was sustained by the gentleman breaking a nearby shop window.

Checking the timings on my phone, the ambulance service took 5 minutes 28 seconds to arrive.

I have no idea where the emergency call centre was, but I had to repeat the location "Bartholomew Street, Newbury" several times and the operator seemed a little put out  because I was unable to give her the Post Code.

Police were the first to arrive closely followed by the ambulance. Considering the time of day, I regard this as being well within acceptable targets provided by our emergency services. I just hope that they were in time to save the gentleman's life. He certainly lost a lot blood.