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Got something to say? / Pavement parking in Newbury
January 09, 2015, 10:28:10 am
Hot topic on the news today is a private members bill for a blanket ban on pavement parking. If properly enforced, this will cause major problems for residential parking on many of Newbury's streets. Kingsbridge Road and Salcombe Road spring immediately to mind.

Where will all of these people be expected to park? Perhaps we will see wider introduction of the parking spaces carved into the pavement, as in Newtown Road.

The Green Meanies will have to be doubled in strength to cope with this new law if it succeeds.

Thanks for the good wishes Number 6. I have no immediate plans to "ditch" the forum. I just wish that I could find the time to create interesting topics to debate. We seem to have a very loyal band of supporters albeit very small in number.

Our local newspaper have started the New Year with a sneaky increase in the price. A 5p increase to 80p per week not a massive increase but I would have expected a couple of column inches to explain the reason. If there was an apology somewhere in the paper, I couldn't find it, perhaps they were hoping that we wouldn't notice.

It's going to be an interesting year with elections both national and local. I wish I had a crystal ball to see what will happen with the local elections here in Newbury. We currently have a very poor representation amongst the executive councillors at West Berkshire Council. The Executive is dominated by councillors from places like Lambourn and Pangbourne. What effect will UKIP have on the local political landscape?

May I take this opportunity to wish our loyal band of supporters a very happy and prosperous New Year.

Quote from: Old Goat on December 20, 2014, 11:07:57 am
Newbury has always struck me as being a bit odd when it comes to decent design, just look at the number of people who apparently preferred what was a good imitation of a derelict bomb site to Parkway!

No, the derelict bomb site evolved because numerous attempts were made to provide Newbury with better shopping facilities, but they were all stifled for various reasons which I won't go into here. Here is an example of a plan put forward in 2003.

Quote from: blackdog on June 20, 2014, 12:06:01 pm

And the decision to have a plate glass window on to the street looking in at two toilet doors is bizarre to say the least.

You are not alone Blackdog. This letter has appeared in todays copy of the Newbury Weekly News

It does appear that approximately one in twenty (5%) of vehicles being driven in and around Newbury have faulty lights. There is no excuse for this with modern cars, there is a visual display to indicate problems like this.

Confusion in the paper shop this morning with Newbury Weekly News

There was confusion in my paper shop this morning with people trying to purchase their local newspaper. The shop assistant was being asked if they had a properly printed edition not realising that for the festive season the NWN is wrapped in something akin to tracing paper.

Obviously a clever marketing executive decided that this was the best way to advertise their 3D Christmas Santa.

I was not impressed.
Newbury - When did the museum close?

First impressions of the refurbishment of the museum appear to be positive, but how many years ago did the original museum close? Reports indicate that it has been just under 4 years. However this photograph appears to tell a different story.

Saturday 17th May 2008. This would make it 6years and 3 months. Did it reopen and then close again?
I believe the correct collective word for magpies is "a charm".

This is not the case for residents in the Andover Road. We are plagued morning to night by these wretched birds who strut about as if they own the place. We have a group of about 10 to 15, they seem to have increased in numbers this year for some reason.

They squawk from dawn to dusk, particularly if there are cats around. I believe that they are a protected species, but they are causing untold damage to the garden birds. I witnessed them attacking a Blackbird recently and they just ripped it apart.

Is it just localised to our particular section of the Andover Road, or are other areas experiencing this problem?

Quote from: James_Trinder on June 09, 2014, 02:57:08 pm
This is not only the case for the same product being sold at different retailers but also for the same product being sold at different branches of the same retailer.  A good example of this are the new WHSmith kiosks at Reading Station where bags of sweets retail for double the price in the main town centre branch.

That's why I never buy anything at a motorway service station.
I can't remember the last time that I went to our local hospital when the car parking machines were actually working.

Now if the revenue is going to a private operator, I'm not too worried. But if the revenue is going to fund hospital services then this is something which should be investigated.

Today all machines now have a special cover with a notice saying that they were out of order.

Anybody have any thoughts or inside information on this?
The whole traffic light situation around Newbury seems to be deteriorating at the moment. Pound Street lights were out of action for several weeks and now that they have been repaired the phasing seems all wrong.

The new pedestrian traffic lights near St. John's Post Office are on red 80% of the time during morning rush hour, causing traffic to back up along the Andover Road. Might be safer for pedestrians, but very frustrating for motorists.

The worst problem is the traffic lights at the exit from the Market Place by the old Barclays Bank. The hold up occurs during the morning and evening rush hour.

The traffic lights in question are controlled by movement detectors on the top of the traffic light array. Most traffic lights in Newbury are controlled by sensors in the road; this is not possible at this location because of the cobbled surface.

Queuing traffic in Cheap Street heading for the police station roundabout tends to block the exit from the Market Place. In consequence no movement is being detected from traffic queuing in the Market Place and the lights won't change to green.  The gridlock situation remains until the vehicle at the head of the queue decides to jump the lights. The sensors then activate and traffic returns to normal.

If the car at the front of the queue is reluctant to jump the lights, the traffic builds up through the Market Place and Mansion House Street and blocks the canal bridge with southbound traffic. This in turn prevents the movement of northbound traffic into Northbrook Street from Bartholomew Street.

The taxi drivers have this problem sussed. If they are caught in this queue in the Market Place, they pull out from the line of traffic and drive down the left hand side of the queue adjacent to the car at the front of the queue. The movement of the taxi then triggers the sensors and the lights change.
This whole scenario with Standard Life and West Berkshire Council is a total disgrace from beginning to end. Standard Life have been running rings round West Berks since day 1.

Lets not forget the cinema debacle where West Berks are paying the developer instead of the cinema operator and the racecourse where the new rail bridge will not be built until David Wilson homes have sold a specific number of residencies.
Thanks to Archie, they have got a free sits vacant advertisement.
Whatever happened to the kettle for the staff in the shops and offices in Newbury town centre?

Every morning between eight and nine you can see people hurrying to work clutching their precious cups of expensive designer coffees purchased from the multitude of coffee shops that have sprung up in recent years.

A jar of Nescafé, a bag of sugar and a carton of milk (along with the kettle) always used to suffice.
Most horrendous journey to Kingsclere yesterday evening (Friday). Went via Ecchinswell because of the overnight closure and it was just like being in a Formula One race (not that I have ever been in one). Some of the most inconsiderate drivers on the road on that route last night.

4 X 4 drivers who just won't slow down and will quite happily force you off the road.

Most vehicles were doing at least 60mph even on dangerous bends.

Nobody was dipping their lights and most had their fog lights on.

It must be an absolute nightmare for the residents of Ecchinswell.