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Food Festival

Started by Number 6, June 29, 2014, 09:55:28 pm

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Number 6

After yesterdays downpours I finally plucked up courage today to stroll around the food festival and really enjoyed the great atmosphere. Sadly advancing age and a need to control the waistline stopped me from sampling the delights on offer at the many stalls but I did enjoy the mouth watering aromas and sights at least. Talking to a couple of visitors from Windsor they remarked on how improved Newbury is and how vibrant it seemed compared to a few years ago. I hope all the traders did good business and found better customers than me! Congratulations to whoever organized the event -  Newbury is definitely trying hard this year to be exciting and different as a shopping destination and when the weather co-operates it is certainly succeeding. I must dig the exercise bike out of the garage so that I can be a little more self indulgent if they hold this again ! ;D
Be seeing you ;-)