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Newbury the original Old London Apprentice (Now demolished) Newtown Road Newbury

Started by Administrator, September 21, 2014, 09:59:53 pm

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Newbury - The original Old London Apprentice (Now demolished) Newtown Road Newbury

(Not to be confused with the Old London Apprentice in Hambridge Road)

The London Apprentice, often referred to as the Old London Apprentice (OLA), but not to be confused with it's newer reincarnation in Hambridge Road, stood in Newtown Road adjacent to St John's Church.

The OLA was purchased in 1937 by the Ministry of Transport with the intention of improving the junction layout of the A34 with the A343 Andover Road. The Second World War delayed this project and the OLA was not demolished until 1950.

Since then the St John's Roundabout has been constructed and if the pub still existed today, it would be stood on the northern periphery of the roundabout.

This aerial photograph was taken in 1950 just before the pub was demolished. Note also the temporary accommodation provided for the parishioners of St John's Church following its destruction by German bombs in the Second World war.

This old postcard of St John's Church shows one corner of the Old London Apprentice and the large space currently occupied by the St John's Roundabout.