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School deficits

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Number 6:
Seems running a deficit is rapidly becoming a national disease ? I believe I predicted this some months ago. What is clear is that there appears to be a tendency to obfuscate what is really the position regarding school finances and under the cloak of this smoke and mirrors there may well be some extremely bad news hiding. Time for those responsible at WBC to be sacked before the situation gets much worse.

Old Goat:
This is a classic 'no news' story.  Are headmasters qualified or even well versed in financial management?  Have they ever 'managed' in an organisation or a firm where to overspend has catastrophic consequences?  WBC is doing its usual, bring a speaking spreadsheet.  Again, not surprising, the size of the organisation means a competent book keeper must try to look,like an accountant.  Ooh the Head Teacher (and presumably the Governors) won't play our pretend budget game.  Wow, there's a surprise!  To paraphrase, 'the urge to manage is no measure of competence'.

Number 6:
Running a budget used to be something that required some (but nor a lot) of training as long as basic book-keeping was up to scratch. Nowadays both processes can be mainly automated by computer programmes, readily available, that allow even a relative novice to perform like an advanced management accountant. Data entry still has to be timely and accurate but if they can't manage that then they should not be employed. I would hazard a guess that no proper software is employed - all forms of Govt. are useless at purchasing fit for purpose computer systems - and what they do use is subject to late and erroneous data entry. This leaves Head Teachers, Governors etc. all the rope they need to hang them selves by overspending without realising it. Pet projects are probably passed on the nod without a clue about financial consequences. It would be laughable if were not tax payers money.

Old Goat:
Therein lies the rub.  I suspect you may well have seen some of the Council's financial and management output.  I certainly have via a colleague who is a resigned governor. 

However, what manager in any other sector would just sit back and let it happen?  In any event, for the basics, you don't actually need software.

And we expect these silly s*** to turn out a highly educated and motivated future generation.  Some hope!

Number 6:
I must have taken a short nap and in that time the National Government seems to have jumped on the bandwagon and promised taxpayers largesse for all, no matter what the cost. I suspect the whole country has become financially illiterate on the back of near zero interest rates that have disguised the risks of intemperate borrowing. For those of an age who know that all good things come to an end I suspect for many a nasty surprise is just around the corner. As always the over-borrowed will bleat that they need other peoples money to bail them out for their own stupidity (or is it just greed ?).


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