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Newbury - Plans resubmitted for the Sandleford Development


I see that plans have been resubmitted for Sandleford.

They are still pursuing plans for Warren road to be the main access point for the Western end of the development. This road (even increasing the width to 6 metres) is just not suitable for the expected volume of traffic.

Also the access onto the Andover Road is not sustainable without constructing a roundabout or at the very least installing traffic lights.

Old Goat:
Interesting this one.  Mr Cynic could be forgiven for thinking a major traffic issue would be beneficial, to the the long term plan at least.  What better reason could there be to connect the A339 at Newtown directly to the A34......

Number 6:
What- and create a whole new raft of infill development opportunities to further swell the council coffers and local developers back pockets ?

Old Goat:
Yes, triples all round!

Given what they don't do now, makes you wonder what WBC needs all that money for.

Number 6:
Wage rises and pension payments. The dog is chewing itself up from the tail and is reaching the vital organs now. Like all dogs they never know when to stop eating.


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