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New changing facilities at Northcroft Leisure Centre.

Started by Administrator, November 28, 2013, 09:50:35 am

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New changing facilities at Northcroft Leisure Centre.

The work was carried out by Thatcham based company, Francis Construction to build a new Changing Village at the centre.

The refurbishment includes a spacious new entrance to the pool area, new cubicles and lockers and improvements to the existing assisted disabled changing room to provide an all inclusive facility. There is also state of the art temperature and pressure controlled showers directly accessible from the pool side and new pool side toilets.

West Berkshire Council's Executive Member for Leisure, Hilary Cole said; "I am delighted that the changing rooms are now completed. The work has made a vast improvement to the building and I'm sure everyone will be pleased with what's been done. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the centre's loyal customers for being patient while the work was undertaken.'

General Manager for Northcroft Leisure Centre, Alex Godfrey said; "I'm confident that the new environment will be well received by members of the public and mean more people will want to come and swim at the Centre. It's a complete change to what was there before and provides a modern environment suitable for families and individual swimmers."


Very pleased this work is now completed but have to say the amount of time it took was outrageous.  For such a small set of changing rooms did it really need to be a six month build?!

I guess now Francis Construction have finished this they can offer their services to the city of Barcelona, their slow building skills will be ideally suited to work on the Sagrada Família.


Northcroft is staffed by rude poorly trained youths. I cancelled my membership there after less than a month.