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Nias of Kings Road Newbury

Started by Administrator, October 12, 2014, 04:34:04 pm

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Nias of Kings Road Newbury

This picture which was taken from the top of the telephone exchange shows the premises of Nias of Newbury who used to occupy the site which is now the home of the Sainsbury's Superstore. Nias were the main dealer for Rootes group cars and vehicles, these included the Hillman Imp, the Hillman avenger, Sunbeam cars and Commer vans.

At the rear of the photograph you can see the workshops of the Newbury Diesel Company.

In the foreground to the right you can see what was left of the original Winchcombe Road after the Ring Road was built. This has now all been swallowed up in the Sainsbury's car park.


Thank you for posting this photo.  I have been looking for a photo of my old house where I grew up for ages, I have had a couple taken from the Police Station but it was when the boarding had already gone on some of them and it doesn't look very good.  This photo is brilliant.  I used to live in the second house in from the bottom left No 9 Kings Road.  Of course when you live there you don't think of taking photos of it and I was quite young.  Moved when I was 8.  Thank you again.