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Newbury man jailed after breaching ASBO

Started by Administrator, November 24, 2013, 03:17:40 pm

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Newbury man jailed after breaching ASBO

A man has been jailed for four weeks after breaching an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) on the day it was issued.

Brian Hanton, aged 52, of no fixed address, had been issued with a three-year ASBO last Friday (15/11) at Reading Magistrates' Court.

It prohibited him from:

*Being in an intoxicated state in any public place within West Berkshire (including at railway stations)

* Consuming alcohol in any public place within West Berkshire

*Being in possession of any open or opened container containing alcohol in any public place within West Berkshire.

* Pestering shop staff, restaurants and cafes for food without offering payment in West Berkshire.

He was issued with the ASBO after pleading guilty to nine offences, including public order offences, being drunk and disorderly in a public place and shoplifting over the last few months.

PC Peter Duffy, the West Berkshire Anti-Social Behaviour Officer, said: "The ASBO was achieved following persistent offending by Mr Hanton in Newbury. He was given many opportunities to change his behaviour by the police and courts, but he refused to do this and continued with his disruptive behaviour.

"Mr Hanton's behaviour and shoplifting was having a significant impact on the local community. He was being arrested on a daily basis, but did not take these chances to change his behaviour. The ASBO was designed to prevent Mr Hanton from drinking alcohol in public and to protect the community from his behaviour.

"However the prison sentence sends out the message that if ASBOs are not taken seriously, individuals will be dealt with robustly."

Old Goat

Let's hope it works.  Rather a long process, but there we are.  Frankly, whilst this might seem reactionary, what was actually wrong with the stocks?  A short humiliating shock could well be cheaper and more effective than a very short stay one of HMs excellent institutions