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June 14, 2024, 08:35:30 am


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I have heard a whisper that there on-going negotiations by an enterprising person aiming to open a fish and chip outlet under the Travel Lodge 'hotel' on the corner of Parkway - I wish them well.
De Bretts is no more, a new name is over the door.
Got something to say? / Re: Too much street furniture
December 22, 2013, 10:15:51 am
A very near miss witnessed ------ the other morning at about 0830 a gentleman 'driving' his mobility scooter north along Northbrook Street had to pull out into the road to pass the furniture ( and fixed bench) outside Prets as there was no room for him to get by.  A lorry had to brake hard to avoid a collision, he could not swing out as there were vehicles approaching from the north.  The gent on the mobility scooter was totally unaware of his narrow escape!!!!! It could be said the lorry was travelling in excess of 20mph too!!  This incident could easily have been a mum with kids en-route to school. Does Prets have planning for their outside furniture particularly if it is out before 10am?